Varnishes for wood finishing serve the dual function of protecting the substrate, and imparting a decorative effect.
These products are applied by either spraying, curtain or roller coating or brushing, according to the nature of the piece to be finished.

We offer both solvent and waterborne varnishes, for interior or exterior use, and at different gloss and texture levels.



  • Nitrocellulose: NCfond™ and Nitroterm
  • Polyurethane: Polifond™ and Politerm™ , for interior and exterior use
  • Two component floor finishes: Parquet
  • Acrylic: Acrifond™ and Acriterm™, for interior and exterior use
  • Acid-Catalysed: Reacfond™ and Reacterm
  • Redox: Redoxfond™ and Redoxterm
  • UV radiation curing: Uvfond™ and Uvterm
  • Urethane alkyd : Thaidecor™, for exterior use


  • Translucent woodstains, for interior and exterior use
  • Aquafond™ and Aquaterm™, one or two component, for interior and exterior use
  • Thaidecor WB™, for parquet