Architectural Products for Thermal Isolation


Waterborne, textured, waterproofing isolation membrane filled with natural cork particles that gives both thermal and acoustic insulation, together with fire retardant properties.

Reduces heat transfer (around 10 °C temperature difference) by creating a thermal barrier that also imparts an anti-condensation effect.

Recommended for building facades and terraces, where its high elasticity gives extra substrate protection against extreme movements of expansion and contraction, reducing the risk of cracking. Can be also applied indoors to prevent heat transfer, thereby giving energy savings.

Has excellent adhesion to many types of architectural substrate, such as mortar, concrete, brick, metal and glass.

The product can be coloured. 

Application is made by spray gun. Typical coverage is around 2 kg/m². Drying time until repainting is 12 hours and the total drying time is 7 days.