Architectural Products for High Decoration


A special preparation used to achieve a rusted decorative finish. 

The system comprises of:

  • Decocement Primer: a ready-to-use primer used to prepare the substrate for the correct and easy application of subsequent layers.
  • Decocement Level: a grey, very course, ready-to-use microcement used to fill highly uneven surfaces and to improve the application appearance of subsequent layers.
  • Decocement LevelResin: a ready-to-use base to mix with and improve Decocement Level (20:8 parts by weight) where application is on surfaces exposed to high humidity or heavy transit.
  • Decocement Resin: a ready-to-use base to mix with Decocement Metallic to prepare a paste for layered application.
  • Decocement Rust: a special microcement preparation for a high decoration, rust-like appearance; mixed 70:30 pars by weight with Decocement Resin.
  • Decocement Seal: a ready-to-use, one-component, waterborne protection coating having good adhesion, good scratch and outdoor resistance properties.

Typical coverage is 600 g/m². Pot-life for 10 kg of preparation is 12 hours at 20 °C. 

Drying time until reapplication is 24 hours and the total drying time is 28 days.