Architectural Products for Thermal Isolation


Waterborne, matt white finish, ready-to-use filler for surface levelling. Contains granules of perlite and hollow glass microspheres to give dry film micro air chambers which create high thermal insulation against both hot and cold temperatures, thereby preventing indoor condensation. For interior and exterior use.

Especially recommended to produce a smooth finish over THAIPLAST™ ISOL MORTAR.

A non-yellowing product that is water resistant whilst being permeable to water vapour and very flexible to prevent cracking.

Has good adhesion to many substrates, such as concrete, plaster, cement, mortar, brick, wood, galvanized steel, natural stone, EPS, XPS, PVC and glass.

The application is made in very thin layers (less than 3 mm) by steel trowel, spatula or mastic projection machine. Allow to dry for 4 or 6 hours between layers. Typical coverage is 1,2 kg/m² per cm of thickness. Drying time until repainting is 12 hours and the total drying time is 7 days.

Requires a protective layer of THAIPLAST™ architectural paint after sanding with 60 – 120 grit paper.